Saturday, July 05, 2014

Little Haven Hospice and tattoos

I sent off the stuff for the yarn bomb at Little Haven's Hospice. It's being done August Bank Holiday and if you want to help out here's the link for participation info. I've also gone to Raging Swan Studio and had a tattoo done in memory of my late husband Tony.
(looks a lot less red now of course as photo was taken at the studio when the tattoo was first finished.)

On the book front has been the following reading and listening done:

Wheels by Vic Winter 4*
BLURB: Gordy is a walking disaster, or so he thinks. Clumsy, socially inept, and a lot tongue-tied around cute guys, he just doesn't get out much. Meeting people on the Internet is much easier, especially when it's someone like "Wheels," who's really fun to talk to. Meeting Brian, aka Wheels, in person is a lot more intimidating at first, but Gordy soon sees past the wheelchair Brian is bound to and finds the most wonderful match, someone who really likes him, insecurities and all. With a good dose of heat and a lot of heartwarming fun, Gordy finds out through Brian that maybe he's not such a disaster after all. At least not when it comes to love.
My Review: I picked this because of the opening line in the blurb. Gordy was so like me, the walking disaster zone! I finished it thinking, what a wonderful story and what great people the main characters were. For such a short story there is a lot of depth.

Recent Love's Landscape reads:

He Didn't Have To Be by Tracey Michael 4*

That Day in Spring by B.J. Sheppard 3*

From the Ashes by Leah Miranda 3*

More Than He Can See by Nicole Forcine 4*

His Heart Belongs to Daddy by Harry H Malone 4*

A Chance to Fight by Lila Leigh Hunter 4*

Dance of Memory by R.L. Robinson 2*

Faire Play by Chris Cox 4*

Yarulf's Duty by Vicktor Alexander 4*

Audiobook: Reunion: Pip & Flinx, Book 7 by Alan Dean Foster Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki Narration 5* Story 5*

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