Monday, July 07, 2014

Too much sun!

Decided to spend some time outside in my nice, newly landscaped, garden and over did it. Luckily one can't over do reading and I managed to read another four stories yesterday. Plus I'm half way through the book I'm going to be reviewing for the August blog tour I spoke about. I am also going to interview one of the characters from the book so pop in on the 4th and see how I do on my virgin trek into blog tour country.

Meanwhile here are the stories I read yesterday:

Pets by Mychael Black 2*
BLURB: Ian Bishop, captain of Queen Raleen's flagship, is a prisoner of war. So to speak. Tired of the human queen hunting his race, the centaur king Terian Thunderhoof wages war on the humans.
When Ian surrenders, Terian claims the disillusioned captain for his own. Thrust into a new life vastly different than the one he'd had, Ian finds himself torn between worry about what happens when the novelty of a human pet wears off...and worry that he's falling in love.

My Review: Given that this only had 31 pages there was a fair amount of background information given but it was definitely not a very in depth story. It was a light and fluffy piece about a centaur and a human who go from centaur owning pet human to the pair being lovers. Not a book that really had as much to it as I had hoped.

Love's Landscape stories:

Don't Name the Puppy by R.D. Hero 4*

Undiluted by Dayton Idoni 4*

Until Next Time by Xara X Xanakas 3*

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