Friday, August 01, 2014

Love's Landscape and my prompt story

I've been reading a lot of Love's Landscape stories and today my prompt one was published at the group page and all I can say is Andrew Q Gordon is a magician.

The previous stories I read:

To You I am Bound by Cam Kennedy 3*

Geeking Out on 11C by L.L. Bucknor 4*

Waiting, Hoping, Wishing by Nic Starr 4*

No Enemy But Time by Angel Martinez 4*

Half Past Forever by A. Morell 3*

Jagged Rock by Willow Scarlett 5*

Meant to Be by Rawiya 4*

The Shopping Mall Massacre by Erica Pike 4* (This one is not getting done as an ebook due to a planned extension into a YA book)

Agile Moves by JC Shelby 4*

Ashes Of Life by Andrew Q Gordon 5*

Dear Author,

I never knew the day I rescued the injured phoenix that it would create such a large change in my normal run of the mill guardsman’s life. After all how was I supposed to know he was a mage shifter and I was to become his warrior to own.



My Review: As the prompter I am naturally biased towards enjoying the story my prompt inspired. However that bias does not detract from the fact that this was one wonderfully fulfilling story with great characters, nice world building and a plot that was both interesting and intriguing. I just hope that Andrew takes this world and writes more stories set in it as I would love to read more about the dragon mages and Brill.

p.s. I love the line 'That meant I owed my position to my skills as an actor because I was one loud noise away from soiling my britches.' it sums up the subtle humour threaded throughout the story that made me love it even more.

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