Monday, August 18, 2014

So far behind on reading

I am so far behind on reading the Love's Landscape stories - read the following but still have about 20 or so to read (even though there is a hiatus on the postings until the 24th).

All or Nothing by C.J. Anthony 4*

Tutti Fruitti Rudi by S.M. Franklin 5*

Dogwatch by Kiernan Kelly 3*

Elevation by Jenna Jones 3*

Exposed by Bette Browne 3*

The Arroyo by M. Caspian 2*

Blaze of Glory by Jeff Erno 4*

Love the Little Guys by M.E. Sanford 4*

Tidewater by Les Joseph 3*

Oh and I have also listened to another audio book whilst crocheting more baby blankets.

Audiobook:Trade Secrets: Liaden Universe Books of Before, Book 4 by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Narrated by: Kevin T. Collins Narration 5 Story 5

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