Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review and ratings for a Sunday

Pregnant with His Werewolf's Baby (Lone Wolf Pack, #1) by Anya Byrn 4*
BLURB: Gavin Price’s had enough. He’s lost countless relationships because he can’t seem to take that last step into intimacy. Never again. He’s going to get rid of his pesky virginity.
It’s a simple enough plan. Go into a club, pick up a handsome guy. Shouldn’t be hard. Other people do it all the time.
Of course, other people don’t run into Saul Simmons, a man with eyes that seem to change color, and whose sheer presence makes Gavin’s breath catch. One night together, and Gavin thinks this might be it. He might have finally found someone worth not only of his body, but also of his heart.
And then, Saul mysteriously disappears, leaving Gavin heart-broken and… quickly gaining weight? What in the world is happening to him? And why is his stomach suddenly being kicked from the inside? Surely it must be indigestion from his new excessive diet of meats.
Unbeknownst to Gavin, Saul is actually a werewolf. From the very first moment they meet, Saul realizes they are mates. But Saul is also a naturally born Alpha, and his pack has very specific plans for him, none of them including a bonding with a human. He also has no idea he’s going to be a daddy.
Can two men from two different worlds accept everything they thought they knew was wrong? Can they handle both a forbidden relationship and impending parenthood ? They’re definitely going to try.

My Review: If you wanted a little brain candy with hunky guys and a male pregnancy then this is the one for you. Simple, easy and fun sums this book up nicely. It has some great emotional bits in it but it isn't going to be one of those tearjerkers or heart breakers so don't expect anything truly in depth from it. I liked it for what it gave me - a bit of light reading that cheered me up and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when I finished.

Love's Landscapes Stories:

Not Just a Kiss by Jennah Scott 3*

Raising Cade by Jonathan Penn 3*

Fly Like an Eagle by Cherie Noel 3*

Taking a Risk on Love by K. Mason 3*

Missing Piece by Riina Y.T. 4*

Assassin's Love by Sammy Goode 4*

Meridian by Gabbo De La Parra 5*

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