Thursday, September 18, 2014

Since the last update

I've read a lot of shorts and listened to another old favourite by Linnea Sinclair. I have lso finished a few more Christmas gifts and almost finished a Tunisian crochet baby blanket. I have also decided to do a CAL (crochet a long) with the end product beign a mystery blanket for a single person. Should be fun and it will be done in time for Christmas too. Starts on October 3rd so plenty of time yet to fit in a few baby hats and jackets maybe :D

Ratings for the stuff I've read recently are below.

Love's Landscapes stories read:
Bromance to Romance by Elizabeth Daniels 3*
Accidental Karma by Katies Crewman 4*
Randy's Ghost by William Tate 5*
Only To You by Gabrielle Bhlack 3*
Before You Go by Vicktor Alexander 3*
Mad Passion by Naaju Rorrete 4*

Other short books read:
Sold to the Man in the Purple Fur by Anya Byrne 4*
I Want to Bite on Your Ears by Marcy Jacks 4*
Foxy-Eared Devil (I Want to Bite on Your Ears #2) by Marcy Jacks 4*
Hedgehog's Delight (Wolf Creek, #3) by Jade Buchanan 4*
Gay Erotica: A Sea of Possibilities: by Tesgura 2*

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