Friday, September 19, 2014

Werewolves Don't Purr by J. S. Rowan gets 5*

Decided to go to my TBR and get one of the sci-fi books that had been on there for a long time. Glad I did!

Werewolves Don't Purr by J.S. Rowan 5*
BLURB: Thor and Leona were a happily married couple from Texas. Well, they were from Texas before the alien raiders captured them and converted Thor into a werewolf. Leona is just a little too feisty to let a little thing like her husband being turned into a monster get in her way. Seeking the help of an international cast, including the resolute Commander Gupta from India, they battle for survival and make the aliens wish they had left Earth alone. Add in lots of coffee, telepathy, star ships, battles, explosions and many, many more werewolves, and you get one fantastic adventure!
My Review: I remember I got this one because the title intrigued me and I am very glad I finally got around to reading it. If you like evil aliens, heroic humans and werewolves you won't go far wrong in taking time out to read this one. Thor and Leona are wonderful people and the author shows them with faults and all. The secondary characters are as richly filled in as the main ones and the story was wonderful. I feel this would make a great tongue in cheek, action, science fiction film very easily as the writing is so descriptive I felt almost like I was watching it on a screen. I have now decided that when the book funds allow I MUST get book two in this fun and action packed series.

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