Monday, September 08, 2014

What a wonderful weekend!!

Not too sure what the best part was as so much of it was good. The meet up in Railway Tavern was such fun and it was great to meet all the M/M Romance writers that I've been reading all this time. I even overdid the spending on books and got them all signed (regretted it a little on having to carry the weight home today though :D). I also got to see the Rosetta Stone and the Warren Cup, both of which were on my list of things I truly wanted to see in person. I was mightily impressed by both and awed at how small the cup really is (the engravings always made the cup look much larger on TV). The only bad point was the closure of the Circle Line which caused a lot of problems using the tube.

After the fun time at the signing/readings (DICK! - those who were at that reading know what I mean) we went to see the sea of red. May I just say I was so mixed up emotionally over that. We approached from a small dip and as we came up and saw the poppies it was both awe inspiring and heart stopping at the same time. It's hard to describe the impact of seeing it in person. When we went closer (to the railings in the vine snippet below) it was so obvious how many thousands of poppies were there and the thought that each one represented a life lost in WW1 was very poignant and heart wrenching.

After seeing the poppies we went to spend the rest of the weekend with my middle son and his fiancée at their house. They've been there for about two years and it was the first time for me to see it. I was very impressed with the amount of work they had managed to get done already. They have a very comforting and pleasant home there and I enjoyed my Sunday gaming (just one game for me though) and just chilling out. Then off back to Cardiff where even with transport problems we still managed to get home early :D Maddy was ecstatic to see us home and is now peacefully snoring under the table on her bed :D

Oh yeah, I also managed (somehow) to finish four books - not going to bother reviewing them though as this is getting too long already. *Has three days of emails/internet surfing to catch up on*

London Weekend Photos

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