Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Posting after bonfire night's week of hell

I've been finding it very difficult to do anything on the laptop lately because of the trauma Maddy has gone through over the fireworks around here. They were supposed to be used for Bonfire Night and ended up going off every night for over a week!

So on to the updates:

Widdershins (Whyborne & Griffin, #1) by Jordan L. Hawk 5*
Puppy Love, A Velvet Glove Story by Sean Michael 3*
Ghost (A Velvet Glove Novel) by Sean Michael 3*
Truth in Lace (Desires Entwined #3.5) by Tempeste O'Riley 3*
Lace by Jaime Samms 3*
Calming the Enforcer (The Cloverleah Pack, #4) by Lisa Oliver 4*
Never Go Back (Cloverleah Pack, # 3.5) by Lisa Oliver 3*
Aliens, Smith and Jones by Blaine D. Arden 4*
When No Doesn't Cut It (Cloverleah Pack #3)by Lisa Oliver 4*
The Runaway Cat (Cloverleah Pack #2) by Lisa Oliver 4*
The Runaway Cat (Cloverleah Pack #2)
Fish and Ghosts (Hellsinger, #1)by Rhys Ford 4*

Audio Books:
Shards of Honor by: Lois McMaster Bujold Narrated by: Grover Gardner Narration: 5* Story: 5*
Schism: Triad, Book 1 by: Catherine Asaro Narrated by: Catherine Asaro, Suzanne Weintraub Narration 5* Story: 5*

and because I feel like boasting here's a pic of the crochet I've managed to finish too:

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