Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Quick update

What with the trick or treating and then the fireworks around here I haven't done much updating on my reading sinc eHalloween. I read the following four books but haven't bothered with individual reviews on them.

Be My Human (Moontlit Skies #2) by Julie Lynn Hayes 3*
Inconceivable (Tate Pack #2) by Vicktor Alexander 4*
Unassumed (Tate Pack #4) by Vicktor Alexander 4*
Impossible (Tate Pack #6) by Vicktor Alexander 4*

I have also finished one commissioned Baby Groot and am half way through two others for my two youngest children. (They like their little crochet toys from mum even though they are supposedly all grown up :D) Here is a picture of the first one in front of a 10" Chinese screen :D

Yet again we have fireworks going off early for bonfire night and I have a quivering mass of Staffy dog on my lap getting in the way of my typing, so I'll leave the update here for now and try to remember to review more after the crazy is done.

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