Sunday, November 16, 2014

Retracting my words

I said just yesterday that nothing had moved me to want to review the books I've been reading but then today I read and finished one that needs me to say something about it.
On Deaf Ears by Penelope Rivers 4*
BLURB:When James Brandon, writer for Paradigm Shifts magazine, is sent to Port Coquitlam, Canada to do a research article on a werewolf, he is eager to write yet another skeptical piece about the supernatural. After all, that's what sharp tongued James is known for—skepticism, and disdain to boot. But when he arrives in Canada, he realizes he's going to be more than hunting a werewolf. He's also going to be hunting the sexy innkeeper, Vincent Tyrone. James is turned on by the man's strength and the fact that the man never lets his deafness get in the way of his dreams.
Soon, though, James's life is turned upside down when he realizes that werewolves may exist after all—and that the man he's now calling his lover may just be one of them.

My Review: I felt moved to say something about this book because I really want readers, and the author, to know how good it is. It was a werewolf story that avoided all the usual tropes, but it also had a deaf MC that wasn’t portrayed as stupid or slow. The thing I loved the most was how accurate the deaf character was, to the point where the other MC often forgot he was deaf and spoke with his back turned. Having interacted with people who have been deaf and are excellent lip readers, I found this portrayal was realistic and a refreshing take on the characterisation. The whole story was equally realistic and well done even with the paranormal element of werewolves.

I have also finished listening to
Audiobook: The Final Key: Triad, Book 2 by: Catherine Asaro Narrated by: Catherine Asaro, Suzanne Weintraub Narration 5* Story: 5*

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