Sunday, December 28, 2014

Had a wonderful time for Christmas

I didn't do that much reading as I was far to busy having a wonderful time with my son and his future in-laws :D So anyway I listened to Book three of the Koban series and Tracking Murder by Doranna Durgin whilst travelling and read number 8 of the Valdemar Anthologies.

I also read this
Life Lessons (Life Lessons #1) by Kaje Harper 4*
BLURB: Tony Hart's life has been quiet lately. He has good friends and a rewarding teaching job. Then the murdered body of another teacher falls into the elevator at his feet, and Tony's life gets a little too exciting.
Jared MacLean is a homicide detective, a widowed father, and deeply in the closet. But from the moment he meets Tony's blue eyes in that high school hallway, Mac can't help wanting this man in his life. However Mac isn't the only one with his eyes on Tony. As the murderer tries to cover his tracks, Mac has to work fast or lose Tony, permanently.

My Review: This was a good start to what I hope is a good series. To give this a true review of how I felt about it I would have to give spoilers about the book and as everyone knows I don't do spoilers. However I will say that I loved Tony Hart but wanted to kick Mac from here to Kingdom Come most of the time, even though I could understand his reasoning. The murder mystery at the core of the story was well written and keeps the reader interested in the outcome of the police investigation. The relationship is sweetly done throughout the main story and I look forward to reading book 2.

Oh and if this doesn't make much sense blame it on the fact that I drank four alcoholic drinks over Christmas and I usually only drink one a year so I am still feeling the effects (at least that's my excuse!):D

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