Friday, January 23, 2015

Twosome Review Today!

A Valet's Duty by H. Lewis-Foster 3*
BLURB: At the turn of the twentieth century, Henry Simpkins is a valet at Taverslow, the Earl of Wayshaw’s Somerset home. When the Earl’s younger brother, Rafe, arrives from his villa in Italy, Henry is given the task of caring for his mischievous dogs, Pepe and Paolo. As part of his valet’s duties, he also goes to Rafe’s room each night to tidy away his clothes.
One night, Rafe tentatively asks Henry to go beyond his valet’s duty to relieve Rafe’s sexual tensions. Henry enjoys their increasingly intimate encounters, but he’s soon disturbed to find he feels more for Rafe than mere physical attraction. Henry faces a difficult decision, as he knows he cannot remain in the same house as Rafe if his affections are not returned.

My Review: Sweet, Sexy, Short and just a little bit Steamy. Overall I liked this book but I could have done with a little more character development and a slightly longer story. It was also a little too quick with the romance, given the different social statuses of the MC's.

And Manny Makes Seven (Mannies Incorporated #3) by Sean Michael 3*
BLURB: When Adam's parents died three years ago, he kept his five younger siblings together, playing parent as best a twenty-one year old could under the circumstances. Now his academic mentor Helena has passed away from cancer, and Adam doesn't know what to do. He's shocked, but grateful when a reading of the will determines that he's not only inherited her beloved shi tzus , but also the house, a generous trust for everyone's education, plus three million dollars, some of it earmarked for hiring a nanny.
Hutch has worked as a nanny since he was nineteen, when he took over the care of his neighbors children when both parents were killed in separate missions overseas. He's worked with several families since and feels confident he can handle five children aged four through seventeen.
Hutch's arrival is just what Adam needs and as Hutch begins to turn the big house from Helena's place into their home, Adam and his siblings begin to see Hutch as more than just the nanny.
Can a path of tragedy and sorrow turn the corner to happiness and love?

My Review:I haven't read any previous Mannies Incorporated and chose to read this as it was written by an author I enjoy. This was a soft and tender love story with plenty of great sex scenes that were used to take the romance forward and not just to titillate the reader. Sean writes his characters os well that you feel that you know them all by the end of the book. I couldn't decide who I loved more but I think overall 'The Littles' stole my heart in this. If you like a great story with lots of hot sex, family interaction and a little tenderness added to the mix then give this one a try, you won't regret it.

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