Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why I Love Geeks by T. A. Chase

Why I Love Geeks (Why I Love... #1) by T.A. Chase 4*
BLURB: Chuck Davidson has an aversion to modern technology. He likes sports, beer, and classic cars. Chuck’s a homicide detective, and it’s put a damper on his relationships. Hard to find a guy who will put up with his crazy hours. How is he to know that planning the impending death of his newest phone will bring him in contact with a cute geek who just might have a thing for rugged, slightly out-of-touch with the newest gadgets older men?
Herbert Pommerest has never been on a date or even kissed a man before. Oh, he knows he’s gay. He did all the experiments to ensure it was true, not just a rebellious phase or a knee-jerk reaction because women scared him to death. It’s easy to hide himself behind his research and daydream about what having a boyfriend would be like. Saving an expensive phone from an early demise brings him in contact with a street-wise mature detective. Suddenly Herb wishes he knew how to flirt because he’d love to take some lessons from Chuck Davidson of the sensual kind.
Can a geek and a detective find common ground between their worlds before one of Chuck’s cases threatens to put Herb in danger?

My Review: I have to say up front that I'm only reviewing this book because I LOVE Herb. The story itself was a little predictable and rather amusing but Herb stole the show. He was cute, funny, caring and such a smartass and to top it all he was a geek with a runaway mouth. I don't usually give spoilers or quotes but as an example to tempt you into reading this book here is a snippet of what to expect.
"Why wouldn't he trust him? Mr. Burke seems nice for a guy with average intelligent."
Jessie squeaked, and Herb turned to see the aforementioned Mr. Burke standing just inside the door, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.
"Oh, uh...hi, Mr. Burke."

This is the first book from T. A. Chase that I have read but if this is an example of her humour and character building then I will be adding more of her works to my library.

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