Thursday, August 13, 2015

A review and some author promotion.

I am lucky enough to have a daughter who enjoys bandying my name about when talking to her author friends. This led to me being asked to read and give an honest review on the following book. As the author is a friend of my daughter's I have decided to pay her back by giving my readers a link on where to find her and her books. The review as always is as honest as I can make it regardless of who wrote the book.

Southern Worlds: A Wolf to Bear by Dee Carney 4*

Blurb: Hybrid shifter Murphy Hazen has pushed away everyone, ashamed of his mixed blood. Then his solitary path crosses with wolf Sable Blackwood and everything changes. Murphy must rise above his shame to claim the woman who’s destined to be his.
However, Sable is about to be wed to a stranger, her dreams sacrificed to serve the best interests of her wolf pack—but her heart still craves for more. Their attraction won’t be denied, but simply going beyond touching her might mean starting a clan war.
Tearing apart the world around them seems like an acceptable loss...

My Review: I haven't read a m/f romance for some time, having become addicted to m/m or not reading romance at all. Dee Carney may just have made me go back to my old fare of m/f. She writes an interesting story with plenty of detail and world building for so few pages (62) and the characters were well rounded and believable. My only complaint (other than the usual 'too short' one) is that I really wanted to scream at Murphy sometimes, but without giving the plot away I can't really say why, except he was a typically thick headed male! I will be putting Dee on my wishlist and buying more of her stuff as soon as the funds allow (and I've reduced my 1000+ e-books a little bit).

To find Dee's website go here or here. To find out about other releases by Dee, sign up for her new release newsletter here.

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