Monday, September 21, 2015

A short review of Sheer Panic by Trish Jackson

Sheer Panic by Trish Jackson 3
BLURB: Breanna Barton's love life sucks. That's why she's staying home and taking care of her eight-year-old niece, Shari over spring break instead of heading over to Panama City for some surf, sun and sex.
She's glad college is over for a couple of weeks so she can escape from Roderick, the maintenance man who always seems to seek her out and make twisted comments, and she doesn't think Dorky Dorian will follow her again after her septuagenarian neighbor's dog, Panda attacked him.
The only bad thing about Joaquim, manager of the stable where she keeps her horse, is the fact that he's nine years older than her. He has the power to make her hot all over just by looking at her.
Out of the blue, she gets a friend request on Facebook from Lance, the boy she was obsessed with at high school. Strange and terrifying incidents start happening. Is she being stalked? And was someone in her bedroom at night while she was sleeping?

My Review: Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author for an honest review (as if I do any other kind!) So this book turned out to be more of a YA than I expected it to be in some respects not so much in others (depending on the maturity of the YA in question) . However it did keep me reading to find out just which guy was freaking out the MC. I won't say much about that because the author did a good job (and because I'm never very good at mystery solving) so that I didn't find out who until the MC did. Oh yeah, I have one other thing to say about it, the Cover Art and Title were pure Genius.

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