Sunday, September 20, 2015

What I've been doing lately with my reading & crocheting.

I've been doing a lot of reading of these free stories on the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. What amazed me this year is the wonderful quality and length of stories there has been. In the 152 stories I've read from the 166 currently published so far, I've only had one DNF, one 1* and seven 2* ratings.

I am also currently reading Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs in paperback, Perihelion by Tami Veldura on my Kobo and listening to Marque & Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon on Audible.

In the crochet department I have anther few baby blankets finished and am actually wering my Flights of Fancy shawl at the moment. It's both warm and cheerful and I love it :D

I finished my crohook blanket too and am pleased with how it turned out for my first attempt. My current WIP is from yet another CAL, this time it's the Christmas Crochet Along on Crochet Playground with a new pattern for each week to make Christmas gifts from. Not sure how many I'll actually make but the scarf for week #1 is a pretty design. oh yeah, I am also making a second Flight of Fancy in cotton yarn and have got to round 45 on my single coloured Sophie's Universe blanket (third time so I get one too). Naturally I have a couple of baby blankets on the go too (so that I have something to do on the bus when I go to sign on :D)

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