Friday, October 02, 2015

Some LGBQ story sites that I like.

Today I thought I'd promote some online places that are GBLQ themed and have both excellent artwork and storylines.

1. The Young Protectors + The Artifice
This is a graphic novel site that I actually am helping through Patreon.
2. Starfighter
Another graphic novel site where the artwork is black and white and very sexually graphic
3. Raythe Reign
This is a site with vivid, dark, erotic serial stories and graphic novel featuring gay (m/m, yaoi) and straight (m/f, het) pairings. Unfortunately you need to be a member to read past the first few chapters of any of the stories but it's worth the expense.
4. Yaoifix
Another membership site but this one has a variety of authors with some great stories.

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