Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taking a short break from books

To tell you all about my crocheting. First look at my new gadget over on the right. Yes I was part of this. To quote The Craft Club Yarnbombers post on Facebook " Guinness World Records have today confirmed the Little Havens Yarnbomb as being the largest display of crocheted sculptures in the WORLD, totalling 13,388!" and I made some of those crochet items. I feel proud to have been a part of it.

In other crochet news I have been busy with my charity stuff and have joined The Yarnbombers in this years endeavour to make a ten foot Christmas Tree with green yarn squares that will be made into blankets after the season is finished. So far I have a dozen made in various sizes (5" - 7"). #‎merrystitchmas‬ will take you to more info on twitter.

I am still making the baby blankets for Preemies UK and have also done a few Purple newborn hats for LHSC , just click on link for more information about that one.

I'll be back to book news in my next post :D

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