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In honour of my furbaby I'm joining in on this book blast

If you are now asking yourself "Why?" I'll tell you. Her name is Maddy and she has been the best companion to me since I lost my husband. Besides which this book sounds like a fun read and I couldn't resist telling everyone else about it.

Book title: Maddy Christmas

Authors: Harper Jewel, S.A. Garcia, Meg Bawden, Chris McHart


Santa's Naughty Elf by Harper Jewel:

Playing Santa in the local department store should be an easy way to make a few extra bucks, shouldn’t it? That’s what Brock Daniels, a victim or corporate downsizing, thought when he took the job at Larson’s. Once he finds out a handsome ginger—his one weakness—will be playing Santa’s elf, easy becomes complicated, even if it’s an enjoyable snag.

When Paul Martens discovers who’ll be playing Santa to his elf, déjà vu of an unforgettable night that took place almost two years ago comes crashing down on him.

The attraction between Brock and Paul grows to fevered levels while a runaway teen pulls at both men’s heartstrings. Will they be able to put aside their ardent attraction and channel some holiday magic in order to grant everyone’s Christmas wish, or will their stockings be filled with nothing but coal?

Paint Your Balls by Chris McHart:

The lives of the heavenly beings that have a one-day-a-year job can become a bit dull. But when Santa’s reindeer fall ill on Christmas Eve, his life becomes anything but, so he reluctantly turns to the Easter Bunny for help.

Bunny harbors a long-time, secret crush on Santa and decides to take advantage of the request for help by offering an exchange. He wants Santa in his bed. Little does he know, Santa has discreetly lusted after him, but the man in red decides to teach the attractive Bunny a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Who will make the next move, and how will both men play the game? Will they be naughty or nice? In the end, could both men finally get what they desire?

Catching Santa Claus in the Act by Meg Bawden:

It's Christmas Eve and Rowan Wayne has the task of babysitting his nieces. While he’d rather be out partying and having a one night stand with a sexy footballer, his nieces have always come first.

The last thing he expects is a thief entering his brother’s house in the middle of the night. Except the thief claims that he isn’t robbing the house, rather delivering the presents because he’s Santa Claus. Rowan thinks the reasoning is absurd, until he discovers this Santa Claus is the sexy guy from college, Christian Kringle.

Finding it hard to fight his attraction to the handsome Santa, Rowan isn’t sure what to believe. What will he do when he finds out Christian is equally attracted to him?

The Duke of Dickdom's Desert Sojourn by S.A. Garcia:

Porn star Jason Rapier, aka “The Duke of Dickdom,” is suffering a dreadful day. Romantic rejection, deer assault, and career chaos are topped by his Porsche dying in the desert on Christmas Eve. Happily a special present guaranteed to inject the ho-ho-ho back into Jason’s holiday season is a mere service station away.

The Duke of Dickdom’s Desert Sojourn by S.A. Garcia:

Jason gazed out the window watching the snowflakes drift on the strengthening breeze. He snuggled down deeper against the expensive mattress and male warmth. A quiet after-sex cuddle felt perfect. Sweaty on-set sex never involved cuddles unless a sensitive writer included the concept in the script.

A sensitive porn writer was a rare beast.

Xavier’s muscular body radiated heat against Jason’s right side. Mmmm. His fuck buddy’s raspy breathing sounded close to sleep again. After Jason arrived at Xavier’s last night, they ate a quick sushi dinner, hopped into bed, and fucked each other on and off, supplementing sex with naps. This morning a snooze appealed to him. Still watching the snow through half-shut lashes, he nuzzled against Xavier.

A vicious thud filled the air. A large black bird—Jason couldn’t tell a raven from a vulture—swirled away from its slam against the picture window. The ebony shape contrasted against the snowflakes. A few feathers stuck to the wet glass.

Xavier jerked awake, staring at Jason with crossed-eyed irritation. “Wafuckwas that?”

“Some huge black bird bashed into the window. How freaky.”

“Weird. It must have misjudged because of the snow. Too many stupid turkey vultures around here. Geesh, I’m tired. You wore me out, bitch.”

Paint Your Balls by Chris McHart:

“Please, you have to help me! I can’t do all the work alone. It’s not my fault the reindeer have such bad colds. They’ve always played in the snow, how was I supposed to know they were freezing? I’ve had them for years, and they were never sick.”

Bunny listened to Santa’s pleas, not really concerned. It wasn’t his problem the man had sick reindeer. Bunny would need to do his job again in a few months, and he’d have to do the work all alone. He also managed to look after his chickens without them getting sick.

It was stressful enough to deliver presents and Easter eggs to all the kids around the world once a year. He’d be nuts if he’d do it twice, especially when one of these events simply wasn’t his responsibility.

Besides, Santa usually ignored him, not even giving him the time of the day. But now that the man in seductive red velvet needed him, he suddenly showed up. Why should he help him? He didn’t see a reason. It was simple as that.

“Please, I’ll do anything,” Santa tried again as he paced nervously back and forth on the cloud they stood on. They were outside in the sun, close to the reindeer stables and next to the room belonging to one of the Archangels.

Santa's Naughty Elf by Harper Jewel
Thursday, December 5, 2013

Munich Germany – Die Bärenhöhle (The Bear Cave – a Gay BDSM Club)

“Eight, Sir. May I have another, please?”
“Nine, Sir. One more makes ten, Sir.”
Master Brock wielded the flogger one more time.
“Ten, Sir.”
“You apologize for the sassy back talk, Red, and I might still consider fucking your ass as a reward.”
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry Pap—I mean, Sir.”
“I caught that slip, Red. You are to address me as Sir, not Papa Bear. We are not in a goddamn fairytale world here. For your repeated lapse—whether intentional or not—you’ll get ten more, but this time I’ll be using a paddle, not the flogger. This studded one looks sturdy enough and should make a nice imprint on that ass of yours. Count them out, Red, nice and loud.”
“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”
Smack! Smack!
“One, two, Sir!”
“Bet your ass is burning hot, isn’t it, Red?”
“Y-yes. The fire the l-last ten lashes s-started is incinerating me f-from the inside out, Sir. I’m r-ready… to explode. I don’t k-know how much… l-longer I can hold off.”
“You’ll hold off or use your safeword, Red. Do you understand?”
The sub’s muffled “yes, Sir” was squeezed through clenched lips.
Eight smacks later, Brock couldn’t help but admire his handy work. Luck had definitely been on his side when he met the gorgeous ginger now cuffed lengthwise, belly down, across the top of the spanking bench in the private room he’d been able to secure at The Bear Cave. Who knew his vacation in Germany would end on such a high?
Sweat dotted his bare chest as well as his face, and his leather pants got tighter by the minute as his cock swelled to epic proportions. It’d been too long since he let his dominant side out to play. Way too long. Seeing as this was his last night here, he planned to go out with a bang. Literally. Ginger’s ass couldn’t be any more tempting and that sweet pucker was fluttering before his eyes, just beckoning him. He’d fuck him blind, then give him some proper aftercare and call it a night.
After he stepped up to the end of the bench, he unzipped his pants, pushed them down to his knees, rolled a condom over his throbbing erection, and lubed up. Red’s legs trembled and twitched within their cuffs, his arms straining and vibrating within their restraints. Using some of the lube on the rubber to slick two fingers, he slid them into Red’s ass and gave them a few twists. Satisfied with his preparations, he lined the bulbous head of his cock up to the hole waiting to be plundered and pushed in slowly.
“Damn you’re tight, Red.”
“Sorry, Sir. It’s been a while for me, Sir.”
“I’ll take my time, Red, and savor every goddamn second. Such a hungry little hole you have. These rosy cheeks of yours make it even better.” Brock pushed in slowly and pulled out almost to the tip before plunging in a little deeper. Reaching down for Red’s dangling cock and balls, he grasped them, stroking and squeezing rather roughly. Within minutes, he was able to glide smoothly in and out of the lubed channel. The familiar tingle in his balls grew steadily until he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. The cock in his hand appeared ready to blow as well. “You ready to come for me, Red?”
“Yes, Sir. Please may I come, Sir?”
Ah fuck, he pleads so nicely.
“Now! Come for me now, Red!” he shouted as his cock ruptured, cum filling the condom in hot blasts while the dick he’d been giving one of his best hand jobs burst. Creamy, molten fluid coated his fingers and his palm as Red let loose with a toe-curling groan of completion.
Ninety minutes later after Brock had seen to Red’s aftercare, they shared a sweet kiss and bid each other good night.

Words: 43,000

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