Saturday, December 05, 2015

Interviewing Mia Kerick.

Today is my daughter's birthday and I’m very lucky to be interviewing Mia Kerick, author of Clean, for this special day.

Hi Mia, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Hello. Thank you very much for welcoming me to your blog today. I am thrilled to be here in promotion of my new release, Clean.

1. What genre is your book and what drew you to this genre?
My most recent release is Clean, and its genre is Contemporary Romance. I have always been drawn to Romance novels. In fact, it has long been the only genre I am interested in reading, as I place sharing in romantic love, itself, as a life goal. I will depart from Romance to read books for research and to read self-help types of books, but the name of the game for me is love. Within the genre, I like to write mature Young Adult LGBTQ romance and New Adult LGBTQ romance. I appreciate the struggles and the intensity of the years from 15-25, where a young person is developing his/her values, and putting them into action. It is an age of great change and much conflict, and I distinctly remember the challenging years in my own life.

2. How many days a week do you write?
I write every day of the week because it is not only my work, but is also my joy and hobby. When I wrap up a novel, I may take a short break from writing fiction, and during that time I write guest blog posts for future book tours as well as make an entry or two on my own blog. I construct blurbs and review request letters. But rarely does a day pass during which I do not write.

3. On average, how long does it take to write a book?
I would say a book takes me about three to five months to write. Sometimes if a book has a particularly heavy subject area, I put it away for a period of time and return to it when I feel mentally ready. I did this with Clean, as a matter of fact.

4. Do you have a trailer for your book? If yes, give us the link. If not, do you think you’d like to have one done at some point?
Louis J Harris of CoolDudes Publishing always creates wonderful trailers for my novels. At the time I am writing this, it is not yet complete but I urge you to look for it on my website or my Facebook page because it will be awesome! You do not want to miss it!

5. If I could be a character in a book, I would be…
Wow. This question takes a great deal of thought. I guess I will say that although I would miss chocolate greatly, I wouldn’t mind being Bella Swan from Twilight as it would be awesome to have Edward Cullen madly in love with me, and to have the possibility of living for all of eternity with that kind of passionate love. Please don’t mention this to Mr. Mia.

Thank you again Mia for your interesting answers. And for any of you who haven't yet read my post from an hour ago here is the cover in all it's glory.

and if you want to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card to buy 'Clean' just go look at that previous post :D

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