Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A little extra from Sean Michael, all about pets.

Thank you for having me here today to help celebrate the release of Three To Get Ready, a Mannies Incorporated novel.

In Three to Get Ready, Nathan and Jack have no pets. While a lot of that is because Nathan can’t see, that’s also a reason why, in the future, they would possibly get a dog. A guide dog would help Nathan be more independent when he got older. It really is amazing how much guide dogs help out in the people’s everyday lives.

I didn't have any pets growing up – I am allergic to anything with fur. I always wanted a dog or a cat, but I never could have one.

After moving out, I lived in a house with roommates who had cats, and I did okay, so I got a cat too. Grumpy by name and grumpy by nature, she was a little spitfire who always loved me best. The feeling was mutual.

Then I got a dog and I have to say, there’s something special about an animal who is ecstatic to see you, whether you've been gone for hours, or only minutes because you forgot something. The dog never fails to let me know that he is so very happy that I am home. Or awake in the morning. Or feeding him. Or petting him.

I've had fish over the years, too. Fish don’t give a crap if you’re home or not and they prefer not to be petted.

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