Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reviewing The Assassin's Pet by Nana G.

The Assassin's Pet by Nana G. 4*

BLURB:  Camille is a vampire who cannot kill, no matter how desperate his situation becomes. Faced with starvation and shunned by his natural family, he finds a solution to his problems in Damien, a professional assassin who belongs to the legendary Sulis Brotherhood. Camille offers Damien his services, his loyalty and his submission in exchange for regular meals and protection that the assassin will surely have no trouble providing for. Damien accepts the proposal, not realising how the vampire will change his life forever.

My Review: (I was given a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.) So my honest opinion is that this had an excellent starting point. An Ace Predator who cannot kill. Who wouldn't want to read about a vampire like that? Nana then goes on to provide said vampire with a ruthless killer to take care of him. I was riveted by the idea and was eager to see if the book stood up to my expectations. It did with intrigue, hot sex and a wonderful romance it had a lot to enjoy but, without giving anything away, all I can say is read this one for yourselves, you will enjoy it too.

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