Monday, February 29, 2016

A couple of unusual books have come to my attention thanks to Kate Lowell.

I begin to think that shifter's are real. Just check out these covers and the excerpt from one of them that Kate Lowell was kind enough to pass on to me.

Message from Kate:
The following excerpt is taken from the best-selling series ‘A Were’s Guide to Living in the Human World’ by Finnley Lakewood, Ph.D, and Gardenner Monk, Ph.D. Please don’t tell anyone where you got these excerpts—I had to take ridiculous risks to get my hands on these books and if they found me, they’d probably eat me.

Appendix F: Never Live With Your Romantic Partner (if it’s a human)
…hair in the shower drain. While most weres will shed, and some shed profusely, what goes down the drain tends to be short and thus is easily washed away by the running water. But human hair will keep growing longer and longer. It balls up in the drain, impeding the flow of water. Then someone will have to dig it out.
That, dear were, generally ends up being you. Why? Because humans wait, hoping their partner or roommate will do it first. They don’t like doing it, and a human can be nothing if not patient in pursuit of its goals.
The best way to avoid the retching and nightmare-inspiring sights is not to live with a human. If that sad eventuality cannot be avoided, then you will have to steel yourself to the task. Ensure that your romantic partner is not in the building. A bucket to vomit in (for those species that can vomit) is an excellent tool to have on hand. And sunglasses, to reduce the visual impact of the task.

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