Monday, February 15, 2016

Mia Kerick tells us what she thinks make great author gifts.

Hello, I’m Mia Kerick and I’m here today to promote the release of my Adult LGBTQ contemporary romance titled The Art of Hero Worship. This is my 16th book so I’m qualified to suggest best gifts for an author!!! And here they are…


10. Aqua Notes- Authors get their best ideas in the shower!!

9. Comfy pants- working from the couch doesn’t require a pleated skirt!

8. Hand massage- all of that typing can be hard on an author’s digits. Give some relief!

7. Just the right coffee mug—there is no better gift for a coffee-drinking writer.

7. A T-shirt with fair warning for friends and family.

6. Vintage Leather laptop case—the author will want to take his writing everywhere!

5. Take it from me, authors go through lots of chocolate in the editing process.

4. A Jane Austen charm bracelet is a perfect touch of bling for a writer.

3. Sign your writer friend up for a Tea-of-the-Month Club!!

2. And a creative typewriter teapot to go with  #3.

1. Top gift for the author in your life- Jane Austen Action Figure. See that feather pen? See that notepad? Putting them together will be the sum of the action!!

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