Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reviewing Jakob & Ivo by Mario Kai Lapinski

Jakob & Ivo (Storming Love: Meteor Strikes #2) by Mario Kai Lapinski 4*

 Dr. Jakob Feldmann is a renowned German geneticist at Research Hospital Essen... and a recluse par excellence.
Ivo Andersson is a male nurse working at the same hospital as Jakob. His outgoing personality and good looks have earned him the nickname Sir Grin-a-lot.
They both have a crush on each other that everyone except the two of them seems to know about. But when the German Federal Police shows up with two patients suffering from a suspected alien infection, their voluntary exile in the high security research complex shifts their relationship into fast-forward mode.
Just when they find the courage to open up to each other, Jakob discovers the true nature of the infection. He has to make a decision that will change everything.  How much can love endure?

My Review: I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I actually decided to buy and read book one in this series before I read this (this is a standalone read though) just because I do love a nice Scifi Romance. I also bought books three and four and intend to read them too. The first thing I noticed is that all the books are by different authors and I have found that to be a great strength so far. Each book is both an individual story with the personal style of the authors and a part of the whole world building by all of them. 

Without giving too much away about the aliens or the plot line (which long time readers of my blog know is a no-no for me) I can say that the aliens in this book were a  bit of a surprise to me. However what I liked most about Mario's contribution to the over all story arc was the way he focused on the romance between the two medical personnel and gave me a very character driven story to enjoy. 

I would recommend these books to anyone who likes scifi romance or just a good love story with a difference. If you don't want to read all of them certainly give this one a go as it is a story well worth reading.

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