Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review of the second edition of Golden Dancer by Tara Lain

Golden Dancer (Dangerous Dancers, #1)

Golden Dancer (Dangerous Dancers #1) by Tara Lain 4*
BLURB: Mac MacAllister is obsessed; the online news reporter needs enough evidence to write a story accusing billionaire art collector Daniel Terrebone of stealing The Golden Dancer, a priceless work of art, from Horst Von Berg. The story promises the recognition Mac craves. But then Mac meets a real golden dancer, ballet star Trelain Medveyev, and his attraction to the man rocks his formerly straight world.

When the mysterious Terrebone "collects" this beautiful dancer, too, Mac rushes to the rescue like a knight in shining cargo pants and plunges into a three-way passion that tears him between love and guilt. Can Mac keep investigating when his story could send one man to prison and another to the morgue? Will this reporter get his story or get his men?
Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.
Pre-order Date: 29th March 2016
Available Exclusively to Pride Publishing: 12th April 2016
General Release Date: 10th May 2016

My Review:
I read the original of this story and really enjoyed it so when I was offered the chance to read and review this newest edition I jumped at on it (I think I might have actually left scorch marks on the carpet I jumped so fast). So here is my honest and unbiased review of the latest version of this ménage story.
My original review was:
I absolutely loved this book. It had three wonderful men, mystery, drama, love and sex. what more could I ask for? Well more would have been nice but that's because I am greedy when it comes to the kind of read that this book was :D
Well I got what I asked for with this second edition. The story was revised and re-edited to make it an even tighter story with all of Tara's trademark touches of interesting characters and truly inspiring story lines. There was never one point I could say "Oh so that's what she did different" but the story seemed to flow easier and made it even harder to put down (but a desperate dog needing out forced me to do so). I was delighted to notice the new addition to the title of 'Dangerous Dancers #1' as this means I can look forward to more stories that hopefully will include my current favourite ménage  trio in a supporting role.
Oh, one more point I'd like to add is, this revised cover is absolutely great and I like it much more than the original one.

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