Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review of The Valet and the Stable Groom by Katherine Marlowe

The Valet and the Stable Groom by Katherine Marlowe 3*
BLURB: Hardworking and ambitious, Clement Adair has his career planned out: a steady rise from a mere personal valet to the head butler of a grand noble house. When a new baby causes a split in his employer’s estate, Clement is packed off to the country where he has little hope of ever advancing his station. Clement plans to resign and return to London as soon as possible, even though it means leaving his friends, his endearingly silly employer, and the charming and kind stable groom who has made overtures of friendship... and perhaps more.

The longer Clement stays, the more complicated leaving becomes, as the estate's economic circumstances grow dire and Clement feels like the only one holding the household together. Somehow, impossibly, he must reconcile the future he's determined to bring to pass and the life he didn't know he wanted. Clean romance, no cheating, no cliffhangers, standalone novel.

My Review: I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. So what can I honestly say about this book? I can tell you it was amusing, historically inaccurate and slow. Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't glaringly obvious that it was inaccurate but I've read enough historical novels in my time to say there were some historical inconsistencies. However they worked within the context of the story so I didn't really mind (no having the French win Waterloo for example - and yes I read a book like that once!!).  The best thing I liked about the MCs is that neither were aristocrats which made for a nice change in a regency romance. However the romance was a long, slow time in getting off the ground and the book was more a story of a rather eccentric family and their servants living in rural England and the crazy things they got up to. 
I liked it but wouldn't recommend it unless you enjoy slow burn romance and crazy regency shenanigans with a dash of humour to spice it up.

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