Friday, July 22, 2016

Reviewing Choosing Home by Alexa Milne

Choosing Home (The Call of Home #1) by Alexa Milne 3*
BLURB: You can never escape from yourself.
Zac McKenzie is an ex-professional footballer with a secret he gave up his career to protect. Several years ago, he fled to his home in the North East of Scotland to avoid being outed as gay. Now, he owns a successful hotel and restaurant, but is it time to finally come out into the open?
Seth Pritchard feels he is damaged goods. He comes to Scotland to escape memories of the accident that left him injured, his bullying step-brothers and a life of lies.
For their whole lives, Zac and Seth have denied who they truly are to themselves as well as to others. When they meet, each man is forced to confront his fears and tear them down one by one.
Reader advisory: Dubious consent. Recollections of physical abuse, emotional/mental abuse, torture and drug abuse. Profanity.

My Review: I received a free copy from Embrace the Rainbow in exchange for an honest review. To start I should say sorry to Embrace The Rainbow for this review being a little late (was supposed to have posted it during the blog tour) but I just couldn't get in the story and kept putting it down. Partly this wass because both characters had painful pasts but mostly it was just that I couldn't sink into the story as I usually do. A lot of the time I felt like I was being told the story rather than living it but, over all, it wasn't that bad a story. I don't understand why I had trouble feeling it (maybe the excess of descriptions was one of the problems?). I would say that, if you like M/M romance with a lot of reference to scenery etc., with a pair of hurt characters who have painful pasts but a sweet romance between them, then go read this book.

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