Monday, July 25, 2016

Series Review for 'Blood Moon Pack Alliance' books 1 - 6 by S.A. Welsh.

Titles & Blurbs:
1. Blind Under The Moon 
Remy must learn to put his doubts aside and become the Alpha he needs to be to protect his pack and his new blind vampire mate.
2. Fanging Around For A Broken Wolf Jacko’s life has been a series of people taking advantage of him that should have protected him and his sister. The only chance he saw to end it was to win a fight for rank contest hosted by a new pack alpha, but a rock to the head stopped that plan cold. 
3. Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses Zeke is an enforcer for his pack but since being back from visiting his little brother Remy, he's been noticing strange things. Never in his life did he imagine his alpha and inner circle would betray him, though.
4. Should Have Put a Leash on It  Micah can be an ass, he admits it. But most of the time when he says something stupid it's a backfired attempt at teasing. Micah never pictured himself settling down, there were too many men and women out there to keep him busy hoping from one bed to another. There's only been one man who got under his skin. His brother's best friend.
5. What's Your Poison? Jackal shifter Jake has always had an affinity for the sciences, but Trevor’s toxic mixture is way beyond anything he’s had to deal with in the past. How can just one jackal find the answer? Stranger things had happened...a lone jackal living in a coven of vampires, for one.
6. 30 Pieces of Bloody Silver When the pack is attacked Asher hunts the one responsible, however, fate has other plans as it throws not one but two obstacles his way in the form of male mates—one human one vampire. Lies are uncovered and truths shared as Asher’s fears about what is to come are confirmed.

My Review: I received the series free from Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review. First off I will say that I gave each of the books a 4* rating as I enjoyed them all. Secondly I will say you are better off reading these in order, especially those later in the series as there is a strong story line running through all 6 books.
Now I could go one to praise each book individually as they each had something to offer a reader but I think as I read them one after the others it was more like reading one long book to me. This book was full of great characters, lots of intrigue and action and some really heartwarming love with a goodly dash of spicy sex thrown in to add the zest. I am hoping that there will be more books in the series as the main story line is still a little open ended (even though each individual book is well closed off for the feature couple). I know I'll be keeping an eye on the authors amazon page to grab the next one as soon as I can. I highly recommend the series to anyone who enjoys action, intrigue and sexy times with their paranormal shifter stories.

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