Saturday, August 06, 2016

A rare non book post!

Today I finished writing my first ever crochet pattern. It's only for a heart with loop to hang it (or add it to a key ring). It came about because I was unsatisfied with all the heart patterns I found online and I wanted to make lots of them for #woollyheartsforyarndale2016 that actually looked like hearts.
So I got my daughter to test it and this is the heart she produced:
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And for anyone who wants to try to make their own here's my pattern:

Lonie’s Heart
Round 1. In a magic ring Chain 3 (does not count as stitch), 11DC, do NOT join.
Turn and pull ring close.
Alt: chain 4, slip stitch into circle and crochet Round 1 into circle and over the tail, then pull tail tight.
Round 2. SC into first stich (next to the hook), 5DC, 2HDC, HDC, SC, SC – HDC- SC, SC, HDC, 2DC 5DC, SC. Turn
Round 3. SC into first stitch (next to the hook), 2SC, SC,2SC, SC,2SC, SC in next 5 stitches SC-HDC-SC, SC in next 5 stitches ,2SC, SC, 2SC, SC, 2SC, SC slipstitch down V of heart to ring (3 or 4 slips stitches) Chain 12 slip stitch back into ring, slip stitch up second side of V of heart, fasten off and weave in ends.

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