Saturday, August 06, 2016

Release week Review Mate Call by Amber Kell

 Mate Call (Dragon Men #5) by Amber Kell 4*
BLURB: King Zeir had it all, a prosperous kingdom, a fated mate and the love of his people. But when his mate dies he goes half mad with grief and transforms into his dragon form. Unable to get past his sorrow, he pines for the love he never fully knew. 
Colton Lanx has known nothing but travel. His parents flew from planet to planet, never settling down. Becoming a navigator was an easy choice to make until an error by his captain forced him down to the planet Dragait.
Two men joined by destiny have to overcome their past if they wish to build a future together.

My Review: I was given a copy of this book from Signal Boost Promotion in exchange for an honest review. So my opinion on the book? It was over way to quickly and it had a few things I wasn't that happy about but as an addition to the Dragon Men series it was perfect. The main point I objected to was the way the past was so quickly forgiven by Colton (not saying any more than that - so read the book if you are curious ;)). The other thing was, I would have loved a lot more about the Exploration Guild. Maybe Amber will include the Guild in her next Dragon Man book? *Hint, Hint Amber*. Oh, and to my readers - the book came out 3 days ago so go buy it now.

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