Sunday, October 16, 2016

Reviewing Into You by Jay Northcote

Into You by Jay Northcote  5*
BLURB: What do you do when the body you wake up in isn’t yours?
Olly and Scott promised to be best friends forever. They grew up on the same street, went to the same school, and did everything together. But one hot summer night, teenage experimentation caused hurt feelings and confusion, and their friendship was destroyed.
Four years later they’re both eighteen years old and in their final term at school. Scott is a football star and Olly’s preparing for a main role in the school play. After a heated argument in the street—witnessed by their mysterious, elderly neighbour—they wake up the next morning stuck in each other’s bodies.
With no idea how to get back to normal, they have to co-operate in order to hide their secret. Spending time together rekindles their friendship, yet feelings run deeper for both of them. With the end of school fast approaching, the clock is ticking. Unless they discover how to change back, they could be stuck in the wrong bodies forever.

My Review: I received a copy from Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review. Ever watched films like Freaky Friday or read books like The Identity Matrix? Have ever thought it could be done better? If the answer to these questions is 'YES' then you need to read Into You by Jay Northcote. Not only does Jay make the swapping sound reasonable but she makes it very believable too. Without giving too much away just imagine how you'd feel if your genitalia was suddenly someone else's and how freaked it would make you. But on top of that Jay gives you two great characters who struggle to live the other man's life whilst trying to stay on top of their own. I loved everything about this book and will probably read it again and again as one of my staple feel good stories. 

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