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Book Tour & Giveaway for Hollywood Honkytonk by Mia Hopkins.

Title: Hollywood Honkytonk
Author: Mia Hopkins
Series:Kings of California, #2
Publication Date: January 13, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
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With nothing but her dog, her guitar, and her cowboy boots, songwriter Riley Marion arrives in Los Angeles on the run from her abusive ex. A quiet job teaching music sounds perfect, but her low-key lifestyle is threatened when she reunites with a sexy old flame—now an up-and-coming celebrity who’s constantly dogged by paparazzi.
Charming and driven, Jack Lamont is a Hollywood actor on the rise to stardom. Ready to outgrow his playboy reputation, he’s happy to leave the hard partying to his entourage. Romantic entanglements? Jack’s not interested. At least, not until he gets tangled up with the one who got away—a smoking-hot woman whose memory has haunted him for the last ten years.
*AUTHOR’S NOTE* While this book is a part of a series, it can be read completely as a STANDALONE.
Climbing out of the third beach cave proved more difficult than climbing into it. A thin layer of sand coated the steep, wave-worn rock face, making it impossibly slippery.
Jack climbed down first and watched Riley as she crab walked her way out, testing each ridge with her heels before she put her weight down.
When she had almost reached the bottom, Jack held out his arms to help her the last few feet. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward, sliding the length of her body along the front of his.
Holy hell.
The contact between them—it was like striking a match.
Jack froze. In his arms, her body stiffened, and her breathing quickened in his ear.
Pinned against the rock, she straddled his thigh. The beginning of a formidable erection ran down his left leg. She squirmed slightly, trying to move herself away, but the friction instantly made him as hard as a rock.
Pure pleasure flashed like lightning straight to his dick. She looked up at him, brown eyes wide.
“Fuck,” he murmured.
Before he could say anything else, she put her hand on the back of his neck, brought his head down to hers, and pressed her lips to his.
Jack stopped breathing.
I’m kissing Riley.
He tasted the salt on her lips. He heard her quickening breath.
Jack reached up and cradled her cool cheek. He angled her head gently then covered her mouth with his, pressing into the soft flesh of her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue. When she moaned softly, he pushed her harder against the rock and slid his tongue between her teeth, licking into the cool depth of her tiny mouth.
She is so sweet.
When her eyes closed, he let go of her cheek and buried his hand in her damp hair, stroking a spot on the back of her neck with his thumb. She collapsed against him, her weight pressing lightly on the aching head of his cock, her hands gripping his shoulders as though she were falling.
At last, Jack took his first breath. He stroked up her ribcage and cupped the round swell of her breast in his hand.
Lust surged through him when she tightened her grip. He strummed his thumb over her hardened nipple and in response, she ground herself down on his erection.
He groaned again and pushed his mouth even harder against her swollen lips. He lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his hip. Taking a cue, she hopped up smoothly into his arms and wrapped her legs around him.
She pulled away enough to whisper, “Yes.” Her dark eyes latched onto his.
Jack held her against the cliff face, his cock digging against the soft warmth between her legs. He imagined her bare flesh wrapped around his shaft as he sank into her, thrusting into her again and again and again.
As if she could read his mind, she narrowed her eyes and reached behind him, grabbing the zipper at the neck of his wetsuit.
He put his hand on hers, stopping her. Her eyes widened.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Are you s-sure you want this?” He could barely get the words out. “I don’t want to rush you.”
She blinked. “I want this. I want you, Jack.”
A surge of heat slid down his spine as she said his name. “Say that again.”
She licked her lips. “I want you, Jack.”
Author: Mia Hopkins
Series: Kings of California, #1
Publication Date: November 20, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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Sex, drugs, and spicy tuna rolls?Resilient and disciplined, tsunami survivor Eve Ono moves to California from Japan looking for a position as a sushi chef. When she’s suddenly fired from her restaurant job, desperation drives her to find work on a fishing boat despite her fears of the ocean. To make matters worse, she’s stuck in close quarters with her new captain—a man whose raw physicality drives her out of her mind with lust.
Free-spirited and roguish, Sam Lamont is a commercial fisherman aboard his own dive boat, the Bravado. When he makes a bad deal with a deadly loan shark who threatens to take his boat, Sam is in danger of losing both his business and his way of life. On top of that, he’s got to train his new deckhand—a beautiful hard-ass who just so happens to be sexy as hell.
A female sushi chef with mad knife skills. A deep-sea diver who’s pissed off a Mexican drug cartel. Together, they’re in trouble, and the only way out is down.
*AUTHOR’S NOTE* While this book is a part of a series, it can be read completely as a STANDALONE.
Sitting at his kitchen counter, Sam watched Eve prepare sushi. Forming a perfect oval of rice with her fingers, she topped the rice with a green smear and a pristine piece of fish. She placed it on the plate in front of him.
Hamachi. Local yellowtail with wasabi.”
“I’m crap at chopsticks,” said Sam.
“Don’t use chopsticks then,” said Eve. “It’s perfectly acceptable in Japan to pick up sushi with your fingers.”
Sam popped the piece into his mouth. The white-fleshed fish was sweet with a touch of sour; the rice was perfectly cooked and served at body temperature. A whisper of heat tingled on the tip of Sam’s tongue.
“What do you think?” she asked, wiping her hands on a towel.
It was the best piece of fish he’d ever eaten. “I’m not sure. I think I might need another one. Or ten.”
Eve smiled and prepared him a few more pieces. Then she grabbed an ugly green nub and rubbed it on a small wooden board.
“What’s that?”
“Fresh wasabi. The stuff you usually get in restaurants is a paste that comes in a tube. This is the real stuff.” She scraped the fine shreds and pressed them into a little mound. She held up the board. “And this? Tonight you get your revenge. This grater is made out of sharkskin.”
“No shit?”
“Touch it.”
Sam ran his fingertip over the rough surface. “Where do you get these things?”
Eve smiled brightly. “My friend Ken smuggled them out of my dad’s restaurant for me. This nub was probably quite expensive. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble.”
Sam’s mouth twitched at the mention of Ken’s name. He needed to check this Ken guy out. Sam wondered if Eve smiled like that when she thought of him.
Eve assembled the pieces and put the plate in front of him. “Eat that while I put together your next course.”
He watched, rapt, as she prepared ika, translucent, immaculate slices of squid draped over the rice. As the crunchy texture filled Sam’s mouth, he wondered how something as weird and humble as the squid could be elevated to such high levels of deliciousness.
“How long do you have to train to be a sushi chef?”
“Traditionally?” she asked, slicing a pale yellow cake. “Ten years. I apprenticed with my grandfather when I was fifteen. He taught me everything I know. He was a master. Shokunin, we call them. He lived and breathed sushi, just like my great-grandfather, and my great-great grandfather before him.”
“A long line of chefs,” said Sam. “And now you.”
She shook her head slowly. “In Japan, there’s a very strong stereotype that women can’t be sushi chefs. After my family’s restaurant was destroyed, I couldn’t find decent work. So I came here, hoping to work at my father’s restaurant. We clashed. Hard. He didn’t want to hire a woman. He’s really old-fashioned that way, I think.”
She placed Sam’s last course down, a beautiful square of egg cake garnished with a perfect sphere of green melon. “Tamagoyaki. This was my grandfather’s specialty at the restaurant,” she added proudly. “I think my father and I are the only ones who know the recipe now.”

Sam took a bite. It was light as air and mildly sweet. “My God, woman.”
Mia Hopkins writes lush romances starring fun, sexy characters who love to get down and dirty. She’s a sucker for working class heroes, brainy heroines and wisecracking best friends. When she’s not lost in a story, Mia spends her time cooking, gardening, traveling, volunteering and looking for her keys. In a past life, she was a classroom teacher and still has a pretty good “teacher voice” and “teacher stare.” She lives in the heart of Los Angeles with her roguish husband and two waggish dogs.

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