Sunday, January 08, 2017

Reviewing Different Names for the Same Thing by Francis Gideon

Different Names for the Same Thing by Francis Gideon 3*
BLURB: The last time Joël Paquet was in New York City, he nearly died. Too distracted by his problems, he didn't look when he crossed the street and was nearly made into a pancake by a transport truck in the downtown core. The only saving grace of this trip, other than the cute person working as a living statue who saved him and then took him out for coffee, was the fact that his near-death experience finally gave him the courage to come out as trans.
Five years later, Joël Paquet is one of the most in-demand horror writers in North America. Going to New York City from his current Montreal home for the Black Markets Horror Con should be exciting, but when he gets an email that uses his birth name, he nearly cancels the trip altogether. The only thing that keeps Joël going is the thought of that living statue who saved his life once before.

My Review: I received a review copy from Ninestar Press. So Joël knows who he is on the inside even though the outside doesn't reflect it. He has a chance encounter after almost losing his life that makes him decide to make the outside match his inner self. I was expecting a story about this transition and got a sweet romantic story about attraction instead. The author managed to keep me interested in the two MCs but, without giving spoilers, I can only say it wasn't enough and seemed slightly too contrived for me.

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