Friday, February 17, 2017

Review of Audiobook Terminus by Kevin Hardman (narrated by Mikael Naramore)

Terminus (Fringe Worlds #1) by Kevin Hardman (Author) with Mikael Naramore (Narrator). 5*
BLURB:Master Sergeant Gant Maker was a highly-decorated and well-respected Marine - until his last mission left him as the sole survivor of an encounter with a vicious race called the Vacra. Served up as a scapegoat and drummed out of the military, he has since lived a life of seclusion with only an adopted alien as a companion.
Now the Vacra have returned. As the only person to have ever faced them and survived, Maker is reinstated in the Corps and given the onerous task of finding this enemy on a world located at the edge of known space. Assisting him is an unlikely band of military rejects, including a blind sharpshooter, an unstable psychic, and a genetically-engineered killing machine who refuses to fight.
Given that the Vacra have superior weapons and technology, Maker recognizes that his team is at a distinct disadvantage. But Marines are nothing if not resourceful, and Maker has an audacious plan that just may level the playing field – if it doesn’t get them all killed.

My Review:“I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher.”
I said yes to reviewing this because I can never get enough really good, military style, Science Fiction stories, and I had never read anything by this author,so thought it worth trying. I am so glad I did, it was a wonderful story and I hated having to pause it to let the dog out for her business. I really liked the realistic feel to the military aspects and the aliens were all well thought out. In fact after Maker my favourite Character was his alien sidekick.
I am definitely adding Kevin Hardman to my future autobuys. And as for the narrator, I'm off to see what else he's done as I truly love his style and all the distinctive Character voices he does.
I truly hope that there is a book two coming out in audio soon as I would love to revisit with all the Characters and enjoy their adventures.

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