Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review of Wolf Whistle by A.C. Katt

Wolf Whistle (Werewolves of Manhattan #7) by A.C. Katt 2*
BLURB: Can a whistleblower find a new future with a wolf while being chased by a corrupt cop and the Serbian mob?
Richard Kerrigan is on the verge of losing hope. Fired from his job for blowing the whistle on a defect that would harm service members if used as designed, he is now blacklisted in the Chicago area. A local Serbian mobster wants Richard and won't take no for an answer.
Garou Industries, the loup garou privately owned company, has been searching for Richard to offer him a position in the company as they value having someone with his integrity on staff. Richard relocates to Manhattan to begin his new job and stays with Julien Bellaire, his mentor, who is also Richard's Mate.
Before they can settle in, the Serbian mobster turns up dead and a corrupt cop who secretly works for the Serbians comes to New York with trumped up charges to pin the murder on Julio. With over eighty witnesses to Julio being on an airplane at the time of the murder, the cop abandons trying to frame Richard and instead plots to murder him. The loup garou request assistance from the Italian mob to protect Richard which comes with some interesting consequences.

My Review: I was gifted my copy of this book for reviewing purposes. I had read the first three books in this series and enjoyed them so was very pleased to get this even though it jumped a few books in the series. Yes if I'd read the missing books some of the references to things happening previously would have been easier to understand but it didn't detract from the story. SPOILERS AHEAD (and yes I usually avoid them but without them my review wouldn't make sense) However the actual story did do a lot to spoil itself for me. There was so much food mentioned that I sometimes thought I was reading a guide to gluttony instead of a romance. Then there was the fast dispatch of the bad guy and the lack of tension for over half the book. On top of that there was a plenty of reference to the previous pairings that used up more story place so that the relationship between the main characters was almost too fast and could have been written in a short story form and not lost absolutely anything by doing so. Finally, I might go back to read those missing books but it is highly doubtful given what I read here.

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