Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Reviewing The Visionary by Charli Coty

The Visionary by Charli Coty 1*
BLURB: Colin Page, eighteen-year-old community college student, apple polisher and all-around goody-goody, has a secret. He sees things that aren’t there. Unfortunately, the Doc Martens on the floor of the mail vestibule in his apartment building really are there and attached to a dead body. Hunkered over the body is someone Colin had barely noticed before, Private Investigator Al Green. Most people scare Colin, but for some reason, Al doesn’t, even after he reveals that he knows about the hidden reality of their world.

Alonzo Green, despite his low-power mind, is determined to help right the wrongs he unknowingly contributed to. He’s also hopelessly smitten. He knows it’s wrong—probably even dangerous—to enlist Colin’s help with the investigation. And that’s before considering all Al has to fear from Colin’s fiercely protective and powerful mother.

Colin and Al put some of the pieces together, but as soon as one thing becomes clear, the picture changes. The search for the Big Bad takes them from Portland to Tacoma and Seattle, and eventually to San Francisco, but their journey into each other’s arms is much shorter.

My Review: This book felt like a second in the story even though it isn't. The reason I say that is that I kept wondering what was happening and why it was happening - just like reading a read-in-order series where you can't make sense of it without having read book one. Then to really peeve me it had an ending that felt unfinished as if there was going to be a book three to find out the rest of the story. I honestly can't say much else without being hurtful to the author or those readers who enjoyed this, just know that it took me days to read which is rare and unusual for me with a 150ish page book.

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