Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pre-release review of Beneath The Layers Anthology

Beneath the Layers By Caitlin Ricci, CL Mustafic, Elizabeth Coldwell, Sita Bethel, E.M. Hamill, Sydney Blackburn, C.A. Blocke, Asta Idonea 3*
BLURB: Eight stories of men who like a little satin and lace.
A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci
This ex-linebacker is impossible for his friend to resist.
Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic
Sometimes secrets are better when they’re shared.
Backwards and in High Heels by Elizabeth Coldwell
Tonight he has the chance to live out his dream.
Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel
When one finds two partners, it helps to dress for the occasion.
All That Entails by E.M. Hamill
A gender-fluid prince with a penchant for gowns finds his unlikely match in an arranged marriage.
After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn
Sometimes happily ever after requires a pretty frock.
A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke
One sweet secret shared—and a spicy one returned.
Ruffle My Feathers by Asta Idonea
Sometimes love can be found behind a feather boa.

My Review: I received an ARC from Ninestar Press for reviewing purposes. I liked most of the stories in this anthology and really loved one or two of them. They were all quick and easy stories and were perfect for a last thing at night read. They were such short but interesting stories so I can't really review them individually without spoilers. I can say that if, like me, you enjoy a little femininity to your macho men and like a quick and easy story to read last thing at night, then this is the anthology for you. The book is be available for Pre-ordering from Ninestar Press and will be published 17th April 2017.

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