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Book Tour & Giveaway for Finding Heart by Tiffani Lynn

Title:  Finding Heart
Author: Tiffani Lynn
Series: A Colorado Veterans Novel
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: June 7th 2017
Marina Rossi is a tornado of personal chaos, always stumbling into trouble no matter how hard she tries not to. After being scarred by her family and placed into foster care as a teenager, she finds solace with Jasen until he’s moved to a new home. Because of all she’s endured, her biggest fear is being alone and her only goal in life is to create a loving family.
Jasen “Dex” Dexter aged out of the foster care system and dove straight into a career as a sniper in the Army. After nine years of service his platoon was ambushed, forever changing the course of his life. Now a police officer, Dex is known for being patient, calculated and methodical. He enjoys the solitude his life provides and wants to keep it that way.
Dex’s perfectly arranged life is turned on its head when he encounters Marina in a compromising situation. Even after twelve years apart it only takes them seconds to recognize one another. As Marina faces more trouble than one woman should, Dex feels his orderly life slipping away. While he tries to sort out his conflicted feelings, Marina becomes the target of a crazed stalker. If Dex doesn’t make a decision, it might be too late for both of them.
That night Jase slipped into my bed this time and held me again. I’ll never forget the feel of his bony arms wrapped around me. You’d think it was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t. His arms provided a safety I couldn’t remember feeling before then and haven’t since.  
Jase whispered into my ear, “Tomorrow they’re gonna separate us, Mari.” He wasn’t Spanish but his Spanish accent was strong when he called me that. It sounded like he was saying Ma-dee. “I heard them talking downstairs. They don’t want us to get too close.” He moved his hand down between us, placing something cold in my hand and said, “I want you to have this. It was my grandma’s. The picture fell out a long time ago but it’s real silver and it’s pretty. You deserve pretty things, Mari. You deserve more than what you’ve been given.”
“I can’t take your grandma’s locket.”
“Yeah, you can. You deserve it. Someday when you find someone you love you can put their picture inside and wear it close to your heart.”
“Jase,” I whispered as emotion clogged my throat.
“Don’t let anyone hurt you anymore. If there’s another boy like Freddy, tell on him. I won’t be there to help you.” He moved his arm around me and pulled me tight to his chest while I clung to the silver locket in my hand.
“Mari, shhh.”
I didn’t want to upset him so I nuzzled in close to him and fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, I was alone. I jumped up, threw my clothes on and ran downstairs, afraid that he was gone and I wouldn’t get to say goodbye. The social worker was passing through the doorway and I caught sight of Jase’s royal blue T-shirt he wore often already in front of her.
I thumped my way down the stairs at warp speed and screamed his name as I rushed out through the screen door and flung myself at him. I knew he couldn’t stay, but my heart was breaking and I couldn’t help but beg him. I needed someone with me who didn’t try to use me for sexual favors, who protected me, who cared about me.
“Please, please, please don’t go!” I begged as if he had control of what was happening.
 He held me close while I wrapped myself around his scrawny body and held tight, all the while crying. The social worker said something I couldn’t hear clearly above my sobs and I felt his body jerk and heard him say, “Give me a minute, will ya? Hasn’t she been through enough? Let us say goodbye.”
“Mari. Mari, stop. Listen to me. I can’t stay. They won’t let me. But remember what I said. Take care of you. Protect yourself at all costs and tell if you have to. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you ever again. Mari, you’re beautiful and sweet and amazing, so much better than the rest of us. Keep the locket close to you and know I’ll always think of you.” Then he kissed the side of my head because he wasn’t tall enough to reach the top. As he stepped away and climbed in the backseat of the car he said, “You’re gonna be okay.”
The last glimpse I had of Jasen Dexter was of his gorgeous aquamarine eyes luminous with tears that sat on the edges of his eyelids but never fell. He was tough as nails even back then.

Excerpt #2 - When I slip into the driver’s seat of my car, I turn to her and ask, “Where are we going?”
She glances back from looking out the window and says, “I’d just like a pizza. There’s a place at the mall that serves it by the slice. Angling her head to look back out the window, she returns to her quiet state and I sit, confused.
“Why the hell would we eat pizza by the slice at the mall?”
“I’m obviously not dressed to go out anywhere else. I’m okay with that. If it’s not what you want, I can order a pizza there and you can go grab something else.”
My chest squeezes tight as I register the quiet, dead tone of her voice. It’s so unlike her.
“Mari. We aren’t going to the damn mall.”
“Dex…never mind. I’ll see you when you come home.” Before I can respond, her door is open and she’s out of the car, closing the door quicker than I can even yell her name. What the hell!
Jumping out of the car I follow her. It only takes me a few steps to reach her since she still isn’t moving comfortably yet and my legs are so much longer than hers. I grip her shoulder to get her attention, knowing I can’t grab her and pin her against a wall like I want to.
“What?” she yells as she spins back around, and as soon as I see her eyes, I understand the hurt she’s feeling and I’m gutted because I know it’s my fault.
            “Mari, why are you going back inside?” I’m finally thankful she can’t keep quiet or keep a thought to herself.
“I feel like driving somewhere for dinner with you is like walking to the executioner willingly. The way you looked at me when you saw me tonight tells me all I need to know. I don’t need to go to dinner to have you tell me you know it’s not going to work. I knew that already, though I’m dumb enough to keep coming back for more. But damn it, Dex! Stop putting me in a position to make the wrong choice. It’s not fair to me. I’ll always fall for the sweet that comes in the dead of night when you don’t have to see who you’re screwing. I’ll always be wild and unconventional and you’ll always be straight-laced and controlled.”
“Mari, that’s not what’s going on.”
“Yeah, it is. You don’t want to admit it because you know I need saving, which is your forte. You’re also lonely for some female attention and I’m right under your nose, but it’s not me you want. Not even close. I never want my man to look at me like I’m the dirt on his shoe when I spent time tricking myself out to spend an evening with him. If you don’t look at me like I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and feel it deep in your bones then I’m not the one for you.”
Holding up a hand to stop me, she continues, “Different choices. That’s what everyone keeps saying to me. I’m listening but it’s more than that for me. I want so much more for you. I want you to have everything you deserve. I know where you came from, what and whom you came from and I want a better life for you. I want you to have the whole package. You deserve to have the most beautiful woman in the room, the one you don’t have to re-dress before you leave the house. Just leave it alone, Dex. Get something to eat without me and leave it alone.”

She doesn’t give me a chance to talk, she turns on her heel to walk away and anger explodes like fireworks in my head. “Mari!” I yell and the echo is so loud as it bounces off the apartment buildings that surround us, that she pauses and turns to me with wide eyes.

Title:  Finding Purpose
Author: Tiffani Lynn
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: April 4th 2017
Once upon a time, when Quincy Hannigan needed saving, he was there to hold her hand. Years have passed since she was that weak, broken girl; instead, a strong, intelligent woman stands in her place. She’s making the world a better place one arrest at a time and has everything she’s always wanted—except Judson Rivers.
When Judson’s father died suddenly, he dropped out of college and became a Navy SEAL. He left everything from his old life behind, including the girl he loved, but never told—Quincy. After ten years, Judson’s military career ends abruptly when the vehicle he’s in runs over an IED. He has his hands full learning to live with one leg, PTSD and a civilian life he wasn’t ready to return to.
Judson and Quincy are reunited when their mentor dies. Once Quincy realizes the depth of his pain, she knows it’s her turn to be the savior. Years of pent-up passion are unleashed, but it may be too late if Judson can’t crawl out of hell. Quincy has every intention of healing this wounded warrior before his demons are the ones who determine his fate.
About Tiffani Lynn
Tiffani currently resides in Florida with her husband, three daughters and chunky yellow lab. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in social science and spent five years working for Hospice. When she’s not writing or taxiing her children around she enjoys reading and attending concerts. Tiffani is also a crazed fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, and the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

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