Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reviewing Misdemeanor by C.F. White

Misdemeanor (Responsible Adult #1) by C.F. White 2*
BLURB: Life isn't always responsible.
After his mother tragically dies and his deadbeat father goes off the rails, nineteen-year-old Micky is left to care for his disabled little brother, Flynn.
Juggling college, a dead-end job and Flynn's special needs means Micky has to put his bad-boy past behind him and be the responsible adult to keep his brother out of care. He doesn't have time for anything else in his life.
Until he meets Dan…

My Review: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I liked this story but, it did take me a while to really get into it, then to top it off there was a fairly large cliffhanger ending. So apart from these two disappointments it was a nice read that had some good points and some bad. I don't want to add spoilers so I won't enumerate them all, other than to say I learnt about a disorder I was unaware of before this book, and I really liked the UK setting. One of my bad points was the portrayal of a secondary character that seemed to be almost a caricature of a Billie Bunter style fat boy. One of my good points was the handling of that rare, genetic disorder, I just wish I knew if it was an accurate portrayal given how that other secondary character was written. So will I get book #2, or not. I think not (unless I hear good things about it) no matter how much I want to know what happened after the cliffhanger.

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