Monday, August 14, 2017

Reviewing Audiobook Alpha Squad: Friends & Foes by Lorelei Moone & Audrey Lusk

Alpha Squad: Friends & Foes by Lorelei Moone & narrated by Audrey Lusk 3*
BLURB: Alpha Squad has received its very first assignment and recruit Adam King is excited to jump head-first into the action. When the team arrive in the shifter refugee camp in Sevenoaks to investigate some attacks on the local population, the evidence seems clear: the attacker they are looking for is a shifter. And one in particular keeps popping up in suspicious circumstances; Felicity Weir, who works in the camp. There’s just one catch: Adam’s inner bear insists that Felicity is his mate. Now, he's torn. How can he help make Alpha Squad's first mission a success, when he can't endanger the woman who appears to be their prime suspect?
Bear shifter Felicity Weir has been looking after the shifter refugees camping near Sevenoaks ever since they started streaming in from Europe some months ago. She is determined to serve, to help these displaced people build a new home and future for themselves. Then the attacks began and the mood in Sevenoaks grew more and more hostile toward these newcomers, and by proxy, against her. First it was livestock that turned up dead in the local villages, soon after, human victims started to turn up. All the evidence points toward the refugees, but Felicity cannot accept that one of her kind would be capable of such violence. She has no choice but to take matters into her hands and investigate the deaths herself.
With Alpha Squad and the local police hot on their heels, Felicity and Adam must join forces. Will they be able to prove her innocence before public opinion is irreparably poisoned against the shifters, and their chances for a happy future together are destroyed?

My Review: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I really wasn't that keen on this one, but I'm not precisely sure why not. Part of it might be just that I prefer male narrators, plus the way Ms Lusk spoke was a wee bit over the top as far as credible narration for me was concerned. However part of it might be that I felt there wasn't a lot of depth to the characters at all. This might be because I didn't read or listen to the first book. What I do know is that the main story line of the attacks and the investigation was (for me) the best part of the whole book, certainly the 'romance' between Adam and Felicity was not at all romantic to me.

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