Monday, September 04, 2017

My review tour review for Having Her Back by Ann Gallagher.

Having Her Back by Ann Gallagher 4*
BLURB: Trevor Larson is a Navy brat. He’s used to moving every few years, and thanks to social media, he can stay in touch with the friends he leaves behind. But shortly after he leaves Okinawa, his best friend, Brad Gray, cuts off contact and disappears.
Four years and two bases later, Brad resurfaces—and announces his family is coming to Trevor’s base in Spain. But a lot’s changed in four years, and Trevor is stunned to find out Brad is now Shannon. Their reunion isn’t quite what either of them had hoped for, but they quickly find their footing, both relieved to have each other back.
Except nothing is ever all sunshine and roses. The military is a small world, and there’s no keeping Shannon’s transition a secret. Parents warn their kids away from her. She can’t attend school on-base for fear of harassment or worse. And although her parents try to hide it, being ostracized by their only social circle while they’re thousands of miles from home is taking a toll on them too.

My Review: I received an ARC for free for reviewing. Now before I get into msot of my review I want to warn you about something. From the blurb you (like me) might not realise this is a YA about two 16 year olds so don't expect much in the steamy sex depatment. That said what you can expect, and get in spades, is a beautiful 'teen love story' whilst coping with finding out about living with transistion, both from the personal and from the best friend viewpoint. I really liked this story and loved most of the characters in it and the ones I didn't like I believe I was supposed to not do so. If you are going to read one book about teen transistion and the toll it takes on everyone involved (Parents, friends, neighbours etc.) then this one fits the bill nicely. Go buy it and read it for yourself and see if I'm right.

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