Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Reviewing Holding On by Sarah Hadley Brook.

Holding On by Sarah Hadley Brook. 4*
BLURB: Eighteen-year-old Aaron Pickard is dealing with a lot: he’s falling for his straight best friend, his mother has ended up in the hospital after a violent assault by his father, and he’s trying to decide when to come out. Tack on the stress of an upcoming prom and graduation, a part-time job, and the possibility he could lose his best friend, and he’s an emotional wreck.
Aaron’s best friend Jeff Leaton provides a soft place for him to fall when his life is thrown into chaos, literally holding him each night as they fall asleep. As Jeff helps Aaron navigate through the mess that has become his new normal, Aaron’s feelings for Jeff intensify.
Aaron’s pretty sure it’s all going to end badly, but he’s holding on to hope.

My Review: I received a copy in exchange for a review. Ahh - young love with all it's misunderstandings and angst make such a good read. However this book isn't just about young love, it's about dealing with the aftermath of violence in the home and the stress of graduation all whilst trying to hold down a job and keep a best friend. But if you think this means it's a sad and dark book you'd be wrong, it has touches of warmth and lots of love and a happy end which is exactly what one would wish for. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a friends to lovers story or a coming out story or even a coming of age story. It has all that and I know I'll end up rereading it one day as it's a story I won't mind revisiting.

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