Friday, February 02, 2018

My review of Contour by Meg Harding

Contour (Shape of You #1) by Meg Harding 3*
BLURB:Jamie “Roxy” Albright has one great love in his life and room for no other. He lives and breathes makeup. Men are nothing more than temporary distractions and romance… well, that isn’t worth his time. With a burgeoning career as a YouTube makeup artist opening doors to never before dreamed of opportunities, time isn’t something Jamie has and distractions aren’t something he can afford.
Instagram model and shirtless wonder Tyler Jackson is quickly falling for elusive Jamie. How it went from a seemingly innocent message to feelings, he’ll never know. Their chemistry is instant and fiery hot, and Tyler’s never been that good at self control. The challenges are endless, though. There’s Jamie’s walls to break through and a country worth of space between them. And just when things are starting to look up, life throws a wrench in the works.

My Review: I received a copy from Signal Boost Promotions for reviewing purposes. What drew me to this book was the fact that one of the main characters was into wearing make-up and that really intrigued me. I'm glad I gave the book a chance because it was a sweet little romance that next to know external pressure apart from distance. Internally is a different matter and I'm not saying more than that due to spoilers. Overall I liked the book and recommend it if you like sweet romances with men who can wear feminine clothes with as much panache as masculine ones. oh yes, and puppies!

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