Sunday, February 04, 2018

Reviewing Audiobook Starchild by

Star Child: Places of Power by Leonard Petracci & narrated by Will M. Watt 5*
BLURB: Powers are determined by geographic birth locations, and only the rich and powerful are permitted access to prized sites. SC is the first person born in space.
The punishment for unauthorized births is death. Out of fear, SC keeps his strange abilities as his darkest secret. He pretends to be nothing more than a mere Regular while his peers develop unique powers, varying from controlling lightning to producing diamond-hard skin. But when his mother is kidnapped by an unknown organization, SC has no choice but to act.
SC ventures into a school of talented students to learn to fight, where he must learn to master his powers without revealing their true nature. But soon he realizes that the school is more than it appears and that it may hold the secret to his missing mother. To rescue her, he will have to reveal powers never before seen in all of history.

My Review: If, like me, you can't resist a good superhero story then look no further than this one. It has kept me glued to my seat (forgetting to actually do my knitting) whilst listening to it. Between the wonderful story that Leonard Petracci has written and the passionate way Will M Watt narrates it listening has turned into a few hours of sheer pleasure. The characters are believable and their powers were well worked out and explained. The voices for each character were each very distinctive so I never had any trouble knowing who was speaking. I wish I could say more but I most likely would end up giving spoilers and I don't want to do that, so instead, I'll just say go buy it (or it's in both paperback and kindle if you don't do audio) and be prepared for a superhero story to rival any of the classics.

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