Friday, April 20, 2018

Reviewing Eldridge's Release by Evelise Archer,

Eldridge's Release (Club Rebellion #1) by Evelise Archer 3* (in reality 2.5*)
BLURB: Eldridge Cristoff worked hard and rarely played, always leery of letting himself go after the humiliation he suffered at the hands of his college boyfriend. Best friend Isabella Catana, submissive and lover of Johnson Petri, invited him to a night at an upscale BDSM club, Club Rebellion-owned and operated by Johnson and his trio of friends. All dominants.
Dalton Peters has never collared his own sub nor had the desire until he met Eldridge. Dalton was immediately taken with the skittish man, deciding to make it his mission to release Eldridge from his sexual prison.
Slowly Eldridge realized the world he was meant to be in. A loving man and master at his side; he discovered submission was not a weakness but a true testament of his strong inner spirit.
With Dalton’s careful guidance, Eldridge had no choice but to give into his desires and heart, allowing Dalton to dominate his body and soul

My Review: I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. I would have given this less but I don't do half stars so 3* it was. It was a nice story but far to short to cover what the blurb made me expect from it. There was hardly any time between the trepidation of having a Dom and fear of being a sub, to accepting both the man and the lifestyle. On the other hand we have a Dom who never felt the need to collar anyone deciding on the first meeting that he was going to be Eldridge's Dom for life. The only reason I liked it at all was tht the sex scenes were well written and hot. I would have preferred a more in depth look at the dynamics of the Dom/sub relationship because this book makes it seem way to easy and hardly mentions any of the difficulty of trusting someone when you have already had a bad experience.
I apologise to all my readers who normally don't get so many spoilers in my review but this book needed me to give them to make sense of why I feel the way I do about it.

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