Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Reviewing Hidden In The Reed's by Brian Declan.

Hidden in the Reed's - Home (Book 1) by Brian Declan 2*
BLURB: Condor watched the sunrise from his balcony the same as every morning. Those first moments when the sun painted the sky with color were his favorite. The endless array of color reminded him of the possibilities hidden inside each day. Normally those moments filled him with excitement, but today there was no excitement. The only emotion Condor felt was an overwhelming sense of dread.
Condor pulled himself away from the sunrise to scan the city around him. Most mornings he watched as his people began their day, going to work in the fields or opening their shops and storefronts. But this morning was not most mornings; the only thing he watched was people climbing into one or another of the city’s many fountains. They climbed into the fountains, slipped under water, and disappeared. One after another, people he had known his entire life. Men and women, young and old, sick and healthy, they all just disappeared. He watched the faces of everyone he had ever loved disappear. He would never see them again, not for a single passing second.
When the last person was gone he went to his own private fountain and sat next to it watching the ripples bounce around the surface of the water. Today was just one of those ripples, one of the possibilities that was hidden inside a day that had long since passed. He had cast the stone that caused this ripple and revealed this possibility. And today he was casting another stone, creating another ripple, revealing a lifetime of possibilities.
“Is that everyone?” asked Condor.
“Yes, they are all gone. Are you ready?” asked Lily.
“Not yet, I want to see him one more time,” answered Condor.
“Look into the fountain,” said Lily.
Condor watched the ripples stop as if the water was suddenly turned to a sheet of ice. He watched his own reflection shift as Lily showed him his son. Every second spent looking at his son’s young face made it more difficult to pull away. But he needed this reminder to give him strength. He needed the strength to carry today’s burden for an eternity. That strength came from only one place. It came from love.
“I’m ready,” said Condor.
“Climb in the fountain and brace yourself,” said Lily.
Condor did as she instructed, the water was warm and inviting as always.
“I’m sorry, child. This will be painful,” warned Lily.
“I know,” said Condor.
“Close your eyes,” said Lily.
“Lily, please keep them safe,” whispered Condor as pain consumed his entire world.

My Review: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I had a hard time finishing this book, not because of anything to do with the story, more to do with the author's style. I honestly couldn't get in to it at all, and kept grabbing other books to read in between chapters. It was an interesting premise and it has a lot of 5* reviews so I am assuming that it's a great story if you like his way of telling the story. Unfortunately I didn't (but at least I got to the end and didn't leave it unfinished) and I don't think I will be following the rest of the series.

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