Sunday, May 13, 2018

Review of After Hours by Emjay Haze

After Hours (After Hours #1) by Emjay Haze DNF
BLURB: Alex Michaels is a successful manager for a Wall-Street financial firm and lives in a beautiful hi-rise apartment overlooking Central Park. Anyone looking in from the outside would say Alex has it made, especially his working-class parents who wanted more for their only son.
Nick is working his way through graduate school with dreams of becoming a teacher so he can help kids like himself. With his parents cutting him off and leaving him with nothing but a student apartment and low self-esteem, he’s determined to make something of himself in spite of them.
Even with everyone thinking Alex isn’t good enough for Nick, he has to prove himself, and along the way he may just learn a lesson from Nick—how not to give up on his dreams.

My Review: I received an ARC from IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange about the spoiler).for an honest review. This sounded so good when I agreed to review it but unfortunately on reading it I found out it was anything but. I got bored and annoyed with both the main characters just in the little bit I read. The clich├ęd portrayal of all the secondary characters and the no angst relationship that seemed to be instalove, just made me feel lacklustre about it, so I gave up. I doubt if I will give this one another try at a later date because the constant reiteration of how Alex's parents stopped him fulfilling his dream was a complete turnoff for me (I got it the first time damn it!!).

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