Sunday, June 24, 2018

A 5* Audiobook Review

Shockwave (Dr. Wolf - The Fae Rift #1) by Cheree Alsop 5*
BLURB: When the divide between the fae world and the human world is torn apart, Aleric Bayne is thrown into the ensuing chaos. Hurt and disoriented, the werewolf finds himself in a hospital emergency room. When other fae creatures begin to show up, Aleric sneaks them into the D wing of the hospital. With no one else able to treat their unusual conditions, Aleric steps into the role of Dr. Wolf. He has one goal in mind, to help the fae and close the Rift. But Dr. Wolf has walls around the memories of his own broken past that threaten to unravel the world he is holding together by a thread.

My Review: It's been a while since I've come across such an entertaining fantasy story, and I actually enjoyed a female narrator telling it. From the first sentence I was drawn into the author's story and was reluctant to stop listening to do anything else. The character's were vivid and interesting and the world building was excellent. I especially liked this new angle to the interaction between Light Fae, Dark Fae, and Humans. It was a totally new take on the trope. I enjoyed the Audiobook so much I decided I didn't want to wait for the second book to release in audio form and bought myself an ebook copy to see what happens to Dr. Wolf next.

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